Make your way downtown, but only if you dare.

For a ghost tour so spooky, you might just shiver in terror.

Two haunted routes, and no matter which one you choose Around every dark corner are ghosts and spirits - their laments of doom

Come one, come all, bring the kiddos, come as friends And whether you believe in things haunted, well that just depends…

Take caution, keep your eyes peeled, listen closely – you’ll learn something too But heed this warning - ask yourselves:

Are you prepared for what Haunted Historic Evansville has in store for YOU?

Riverside Historic District Tour

Clop, clop, clop, clop, clop.

A horse-drawn carriage clamors over the brick-paved road beneath your feet; the vibration reverberates through your bones; the wind softly lifting your hair as it disappears into the darkness.

Pale moonlight illuminates monstrous, beautiful mansions blanketed by a clear black sky. Still, each one as ominous a haunted house; with walls that echo stories of history, mystery and even tragedy.

The Riverside Historic District Tour will take you back in time to places like the Reitz family home with spirit appearances by Annie Fellows Johnston, Major Albert Rozencranz and more.

The walking tour will regale the district’s history, architecture, prominent residents and even ghost stories and spooky sightings.

Tour begins at the First Presbyterian Church and lasts approximately 1 hour. Family-friendly. Comfortable walking shoes, open-imaginations and handholding (if deemed necessary) is encouraged.

Haynie's Corner Arts District Tour

Wild laughter. Shrieks of delight. Roaring music. Hushed whispers from dimly lit street corners.

The neighborhood around you is alive: artists, musicians, children playing, miscreants making mischief! The dizzying blur of wicked laughter, vivacious music, startling shrills and cheap thrills devour your senses in an irrepressible frenzy of flashbacks.

The Haynie’s Corner Arts District tour brings to life the secrets and tales of mysteries and debauchery that haunt this artistic cultural district, dating back to the 1800’s.

You will visit places like the Haynie’s Corner Drug Store and neighborhood brothels, with ghost appearances by George Haynie, Karl Kae Knecht, Benjamin Bosse, former harlots and more.

Tour begins at the Center of Hope Church, and lasts approximately 1 hour. Family-friendly. Comfortable walking shoes, a creative sense of curiosity and hiding your eyes (when afraid) is encouraged.